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My son is 9 months and growing fast! This has been perfect a little big for him but he fits in it comfortably enough that he falls right to sleep during our walks! So I am pleased!!

Arrived moldy

Although it's great to carry, the product itself arrived looking very worn and moldy, requiring a long time to clean thoroughly. It's quite frustrating...

Beautiful product and great customer service

We love our Beco Gemini, it fits me and my husband (who is very tall and broad) perfectly and it respects our baby's ergonomic posture in all the positions. Unfortunately the fabric frayed and the popper for the leg support broke but they were amazing and sent us a new one (to the UK even though originally purchased in Spain). Very happy overall. Thank you.

Horrible customer service

I can’t even review the product appropriately because customer service will not provide me with the product! It takes weeks to hear back from someone and you have to practically harass them to get answers. They have my product and money at this point. I’ve never dealt with customer service this terrible.

The Beco eight is a fantastic baby carrier. It's well engineered and well made. I currently carry our 2-month old son around in it and he loves it. It is great for walks, hikes, going to stores, and for being able to do things around the house with both hands. I tried some of the wrap style carries like the Baby K'Tan and a ring sling, but I was never comfortable that the baby wouldn't fall out. I never have to worry about this with the Beco. I very highly recommend this carrier.

The Beco carrier is our favorite of all of the carriers we’ve tried. The versatility and adjustability are particularly nice and the build quality is also quite good.

Works great, my toddler and I both love it for crowded places, longer walks, etc. Feels comfy and secure. My kid is 2.5 and 32 lbs, I am 5’2”.

I was really excited about the Beco Baby carrier in blue linen. I thought I would use it the minute I got it because my one month old wants to be close to me at all times. Sadly, I could not use it because of the smell of the product. The smell reminds me of the way it smells when you sharpen a pencil in an electric sharpener. I have washed it twice and put it outside for days to air dry and try to get rid of the smell but the smell is still there. On the second wash I washed it with a towel and now my towel smells like the Becca carrier. I cannot in good conscience put my newborn in this carrier. It was a waste of money

Do know I purchased it and gave it as a gift for my nieces baby!

super soft and comfortable - even for someone who has 3 herniated discs in her back, and a 32lb 20-month old. Little one loves it too, shakes with excitement when I bring it out.

Fits either our 4-year-old or our (tall) 15-month-old very comfortably. Adjusts to my large frame or my husband's slender frame easily. We both love the crossed-straps vs h-config options and the dual tightening straps. Truly excellent value for the price.

I own two Beco baby carriers, the Regular Gémini and the Cool Mesh. Love them both. I do use the Cool Mesh more often because I live in a very tropical country. I've used both carriers with my three kids and they still look decent. I have recommended this carrier to my friends, I think its so comfy and stylish. 10/10 recommend.

I've loved the carrier so far. My son was already 9 Mos when I decided to try babywearing again. We've used the front-facing carry and my baby really seems to like it. I've had trouble finding a comfortable carrier that doesn't fit me wrong--maybe because I am petite?--but this carrier adjusts to fit my hips and my shoulders much better than any other carrier has been able to adjust. I find myself standing better when carrying, whereas with other carriers either I was constantly adjusting the hips and shoulder straps, or I caught myself hunching over/arching my back. Naturally I've always felt sore after using other carriers, but had very little soreness even the day after a very long walk with this carrier on. Whatever magic you are using, Beco Gemini, I like it!

Excellent carrier. No back or shoulder pain after long walks, and my six month old feels very secure. I’m 5’2 and other carriers have always been too big at the waist and my shoulders, this adjusts small enough to fit like a glove.

I got this carrier instead of getting a BabyBjorn because these ones are better for the baby's hips and joint development. All around, this is a really comfortable carrier, I love the back lumbar support and the fact that it has a lot of longevity (newborn-toddler). The carrier is super easy to put on and comfortable.


She loved it

She loved it

So very disappointed.

It’s a beautiful carrier, but my baby and I both hate using it. The mesh is scratchy and irritating, the shoulder straps are a nuisance as I can’t safely undo only one to get my baby in and out, and the only way to give baby more room as they grow is to lengthen the shoulder straps which just makes the carrier saggy and imbalanced. Likewise, if I wish to shorten the shoulder straps so baby sits up higher, I end up just squishing the poor dear tighter against me. I am sad and disappointed that this carrier was not at all what I needed.

Thoughtful features!

The x should strap option, mesh vent for temperature regulation, and the easy to use sun shade are all great features!

The x should strap option, mesh vent for temperature regulation, and the easy to use sun shade are all great features!


My husband who is 6'2 can wear it comfortably as can I at 5'2.
As a postpartum doula I am very picky about how carrier fit the adult and the baby. This one is great for both

My husband who is 6'2 can wear it comfortably as can I at 5'2. As a postpartum doula I am very picky about how carrier fit the adult and the baby. This one is great for both

Love the carrier but it was a hassle to get what I ordered

The carrier it’s self is so comfortable me and the baby love it and I would 100% recommend. However I received a completely different pattern (I have a boy and received a polka dot print when I ordered buffalo plaid) customer service was a nightmare and I didn’t get the correct carrier in time for an event I wanted it for! They we’re not at all understanding or apologetic for an their error. They could have at least scheduled porch pick up for the return but yet I have to make the time to try and go to post office to return it when I work during business hours. If I could go back I’d have probably ordered somewhere else because of the hassle!