Gabby Caperon, founder of Beco.

Beco is and has always been a good looking brand. Started by Gabby Caperon, an incredible woman, mother, go-getter, desert riding motorbike enthusiast, and friend. With her keen sense of design she built a base of admirers who adore her and her contemporary chic designs. Her carriers made modern parents feel hip and confident while carrying around their babes. As her sweet son Duke is now a teenager, the time has come for her to move on from the world of babies and new motherhood to something new. One door closes and another one opens. Gabby is now focusing on design and devoting her energy to building up a different business. Microbatch woven textiles.

Robert & Elizabeth, founders of Boba. Keeping the light shining bright for Beco.
Robert & Elizabeth, founders of Boba. Keeping the light shining bright for Beco.

Though she passed the torch onto us, we actually still work together and have her by our side as we continue the mission to create beautiful baby carriers, wraps, and slings.

We have a different kind of obsession with cloth. Prints are fun but wovens are elegant and make us swoon. We spend our days choosing the right fibers and creating lush woven fabric collections that have a fine arts spin.

Our precious five. The inspiration behind our fine baby carriers.

Our wovens communicate a sense of handmade authenticity. Our fabrics are exclusively designed for you based on what we sketch, draw or paint and are then translated into luxurious woven cloth.

You can not source this fabric or purchase similar fabric at a boutique. We only produce small limited runs at our family run mill in North Carolina. Our fabric is unique, strong and exquisite- just like you.



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