Beco Gemini Cool Mesh Baby Carrier Navy

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4-in-1 best-selling classic structured baby carrier in navy is tailored to your busy lifestyle without any distractions. 

Featuring a fully adjustable seat to keep baby safe and comfortable in 4 different carry positions, from newborn to toddler, while you dash around town hands-free! 

Beat the heat with a moisture-wicking microfiber fabric and a breathable 3D mesh vented panel for excellent airflow.

  • Baby Age: Newborn to Toddler
  • Baby Weight: 7 - 35 lbs
  • Adult Fit: XS - XXL
  • 4 Carry options: front facing in, front facing out, hip & back carry

        Features for baby

        1. Built-in adjustable headrest
        2. Convertible ergonomic seat with two width options
        3. Facing in or facing out position
        4. Padded leg openings for a comfy ride at any stage

        Features for parents

        1. H or X strap options for optimal weight distribution
        2. Supportive padded waist belt
        3. Adjustable chest strap on sliding rails
        4.Practical waist belt pocket for your phone, keys, or snacks

        All carry positions

        Healthy knee-to-knee support, padded leg openings, and adjustable seat support your baby's natural ergonomic position with every carry option! Check out our educational videos to learn more!

        HIP HEALTHy carrier

        All Beco carriers are designed and tested to promote healthy hip development through every stage and are certified "Hip-Friendly" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute!

        from real parents
        from real parents
        A friend mentioned this brand since I was unhappy with a competitor. The other brand hurt my back after a few minutes, and the straps felt like they were falling off. My new Beco carrier feels so good, no back pain,n and the cross back is WONDERFUL and feels so secure!
        — Nicole C.
        from real parents
        I love the ease of using the Gemini with little babies; no insert needed! Both my husband and I love wearing baby as it immediately calms him being close. We love that baby is safe and supported and that the carrier easily adjusts to my husband and my different body types. We will definitely recommend this to others!
        — Emily V.

        A day in the life of the Beco Gemini


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 133 reviews
        So very disappointed.

        It’s a beautiful carrier, but my baby and I both hate using it. The mesh is scratchy and irritating, the shoulder straps are a nuisance as I can’t safely undo only one to get my baby in and out, and the only way to give baby more room as they grow is to lengthen the shoulder straps which just makes the carrier saggy and imbalanced. Likewise, if I wish to shorten the shoulder straps so baby sits up higher, I end up just squishing the poor dear tighter against me. I am sad and disappointed that this carrier was not at all what I needed.


        My husband who is 6'2 can wear it comfortably as can I at 5'2.
        As a postpartum doula I am very picky about how carrier fit the adult and the baby. This one is great for both

        Jennifer K.
        Great Carrier for Warm Weather and Travel

        We love our Beco Gemini and decided to add a mesh one to the mix. I love how lightweight it is for me and breathable for baby. Fits and adjusts just like our other Gemini-- so no learning curve there. We will be taking this with us when we travel as it is lighter weight and takes less space to pack!

        The only negative is my daughter likes to chew on the carrier while she is in it and I worry about her teeth catching on the mesh.

        Comfy and strong

        I love my Beco Gemini Carina Nebula! The pattern is gorgeous; it was amazingly easy to put on and adjust to my size and my infant went to sleep within minutes of me putting him in the carrier.
        I wore it for about 3 hours while I did chores around the house and he slept the whole time and I was not aching from carrying him.

        Carrie Stafford
        Comfortable for mom & baby

        We used this carrier while traveling on the plane for the first time & going on hikes with our 3 month old. The carrier was easy to use, fit me (5’6, 155lb) and baby well and was very comfortable. My husband who is 6’4 (225lb) also used the carrier with our baby and it fit him just as well.

        All around loved this carrier and will use it many more times in our future