1. Promotes Bonding
Babywearing provides a wonderful way for parents and their babies to stay close and connected to one another. When babies get carried in a baby carrier, they experience the rhythm of their parent’s body and hear their heartbeat - similar how they were connected through movement as they grew in the womb.

2. Feeling Safe and Secure
Babies that get carried in baby carriers tend to feel more secure and confident because of the familiarity of the womb-like experience that babywearing creates. This close physical connection helps babies feel extra safe and comforted whenever needed, without necessarily having to be held by a parent’s arms the entire time.

3. Stress Relief
Baby carriers can be particularly helpful when caring for fussy infants or toddlers since they help minimize contact with external stimuli while providing comfort, protection, and stress relief at the same time. Wearing your baby allows you to carry on with your daily chores while ‘hands-free’ or take a walk with ease to rock your baby to sleep.

4. Convenience
Many parents find themselves constantly holding their babies in order to keep them content which can lead to sore arms. Having a hands-free option provided by babywearinging can be an immense help in freeing up your arms! Not only does it make moving your body possible again, but it also allows parents some much-needed flexibility when multitasking - like cooking meals or getting chores done around the house.

5. Improved Posture
Most new moms know all too well how much strain you can feel on your back, when you have an extra 15+ pounds dangling from your arms for long periods of time. With a well designed carrier this strain is minimized as you are holding your baby much closer to your center of gravity rather than carrying them around outside your body’s frame. The individual parts (straps, waistband) work together so that much less stress is put on your back muscles. This makes the weight seem lighter even for those long walks with your little one!

6. Enhanced Health Development
Studies suggest that wearing your baby can enhance their development across the board: voice modulation, motor skills, nonverbal communication skills between parent & child. Carried babies enjoy enhanced language development due to the constant meaningful conversations and chatter that surrounds them, rather than faraway phantom noises heard from the stroller.

7. Special Connection for Babywearing Fathers
Baby wearing fathers have the unique opportunity to connect with their little ones in a way that is different from the mother-baby bond. The closeness and comfort of babywearing allows dads to feel connected—not only by bodies but emotionally as well. Many dads feel extremely grateful for being able to soothe, comfort and cuddle with their babies when they carry them.

January 16, 2023 — Beco Team

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