Benefits of Joining a Baby Wearing Support Group: Beco Baby Carriers Becommunity

Hi there. Today, I want to share and talk about the benefits of joining a babywearing support group. There are a lot of groups out there, they're all pretty fantastic. Becommunity on Facebook is awesome.

So, I've been babywearing since the beginning, since I had my first daughter. I'm a new mom. I have two kids and it has been a wild ride. And babywearing in general has helped me so much, especially with the COVID pandemic and working full time from home. And so it was a major adjustment and to be able to still balance my work life and my family life was a challenge, but being able to baby wear, was huge. But what was also really great was being a part of Becommunity.

Who Joins Baby Wearing Support Groups

There are a lot of moms and some dads in there, but a lot of moms from all over the world that come together in this group. And I just want to share with you guys things that I, myself and other parents in the group have shared that they get out of being a part of this group.

Benefit 1: Meeting New Parents From Around The World

So number one is meeting people from all around the world. You meet a lot of moms from the UK, from Europe, from the United States, Canada. We all have different perspectives. We all have different stories, but the one thing in common is that we're parents to babies, and that we baby wear and we want to talk about that. What's really great too is that … maybe you know, it's hard to meet other parents once you become one in the beginning. But it's a great way to meet people, whether it's virtually or in person and just continue that relationship of support.

Benefit 2: Baby Wearing How To Support

The second thing that people that I find get the most out of the group (and this is probably like a major-major one) is getting help with actual baby wearing. So talking about tips and tricks for getting your baby in the carrier, out of the carrier, adjusting. We have a lot of parents in our group that are taking photos of them wearing their baby and getting position checks. The admins of our group, myself and a couple other awesome ladies will chime in. But a lot of moms and dads that are experts because they’ve been baby wearing like maybe for four kids by now help, and chime in and offer that support and different position checks. And me even though I work for Beco Baby, I've learned stuff from these parents too that, that is accurate. What they're saying, Oh yeah, that does work. That's a great way of getting the baby in this position or adjusting to make sure that the baby is safe in this way. So that's awesome.

Benefit 3: Postpartum Support

Another great reason to join a baby wearing support group, the benefit you get from it is support for the whole postpartum experience, not just with baby wearing, but postpartum as a whole. Your pregnancy comes to an end, but there's this whole other period that your body mentally, emotionally, physically is still going through. And it can look different for every woman. Like okay, yeah, we have 9, 10 months of pregnancy that's pretty defined, give or take a week or two, if all things go well. But postpartum, it could be a few months, three months for some women or it could be two years, anywhere in between, maybe longer, shorter. Postpartum is like its own thing.

In a group like this, there are other moms that are going through the same thing.  We all go through postpartum. But there are other moms that for sure are probably the same level or taking the same amount of time to get through it. And it may not be your whole experience, but maybe a little piece of your experience that they can relate to.

And when you relate with someone on such an intimate, hard experience, I mean, it can save you to have someone understand, and even if you're both struggling to get through it, having them, having a person, even just one person to connect to on it can save you, can get you through it.

Benefit 4: Sales and Give-a-ways!

I think the other major great thing, and I think everyone would raise their hand to this, about being in a baby wearing support group especially if it's brand specific like our Becommunity, are the sales and the giveaways. Like we just love giving carriers. It's just we have so much joy in being able to give that. So we use this group as a place, Beco specifically, as a place to hold fun little contests or sometimes just give them away for the fun of it. And that's really, really fun.

We do sneak preview sales in our group every time we have a seasonal release, or if we are doing like a major, major sweep sale. We have our sales and the giveaways and you can just add to your collection all the time with ease without having to pay full price, which is really great because most of us mamas are on a budget for sure.

Are you ready to join a baby wearing support group?

So there you have it, my on top benefits that I feel that I get and see other parents getting out of being in a baby wearing support group. Maybe you get something unique out of it that I didn't mention and I would love to hear that. So please comment on this blog and let us know what you get out of joining a group like Becommunity or other babywearing forums. There's so many out there. Thanks for watching!"


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