Beco Gemini Cool Mesh Baby Carrier Rain Drops

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4-in-1 best-selling classic structured carrier tailored to your busy lifestyle without any distractions.

Featuring a fully adjustable seat to keep baby safe and comfortable in 4 different carry positions, from newborn to toddler, while you dash around town hands-free! 

Beat the heat with a moisture-wicking microfiber fabric and a breathable 3D mesh vented panel for excellent airflow.

  • Baby Age: Newborn to Toddler
  • Baby Weight: 7 - 35 lbs
  • Adult Fit: XS - XXL
  • 4 Carry options: front facing in, front facing out, hip & back carry

    Why Beco Gemini?

    Features for baby

    1. Built-in adjustable headrest
    2. Convertible ergonomic seat with two width options
    3. Facing in or facing out position
    4. Padded leg openings for a comfy ride at any stage

    Diagram of the 4 adjustable parts of the carrier for parent comfort

    Features for parents

    1. H or X strap options for optimal weight distribution
    2. Supportive padded waist belt
    3. Adjustable chest strap on sliding rails
    4.Practical waist belt pocket for your phone, keys, or snacks

    4 Carrying Positions

    Healthy knee-to-knee support, padded leg openings, and adjustable seat support your baby's natural ergonomic position with every carry option! Check out our educational videos to learn more!

    Baby front carry facing out n the Beco Gemini baby carrier in metro black

    Certified Hip-Healthy Carriers

    All Beco carriers are ergonomically designed and tested to promote healthy hip development through every stage and are certified "Hip-Friendly" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute!

    from real parents
    from real parents
    A friend mentioned this brand since I was unhappy with a competitor. The other brand hurt my back after a few minutes, and the straps felt like they were falling off. My new Beco carrier feels so good, no back pain,n and the cross back is WONDERFUL and feels so secure!
    — Nicole C.
    Beco Gemini Cool Mesh Baby Carrier Dark Grey
    from real parents
    I love the ease of using the Gemini with little babies; no insert needed! Both my husband and I love wearing baby as it immediately calms him being close. We love that baby is safe and supported and that the carrier easily adjusts to my husband and my different body types. We will definitely recommend this to others!
    — Emily V.
    Baby front carry facing in in the Beco Gemini baby carrier in pink linen

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews

    I own two Beco baby carriers, the Regular Gémini and the Cool Mesh. Love them both. I do use the Cool Mesh more often because I live in a very tropical country. I've used both carriers with my three kids and they still look decent. I have recommended this carrier to my friends, I think its so comfy and stylish. 10/10 recommend.

    Esther Smith

    I've loved the carrier so far. My son was already 9 Mos when I decided to try babywearing again. We've used the front-facing carry and my baby really seems to like it. I've had trouble finding a comfortable carrier that doesn't fit me wrong--maybe because I am petite?--but this carrier adjusts to fit my hips and my shoulders much better than any other carrier has been able to adjust. I find myself standing better when carrying, whereas with other carriers either I was constantly adjusting the hips and shoulder straps, or I caught myself hunching over/arching my back. Naturally I've always felt sore after using other carriers, but had very little soreness even the day after a very long walk with this carrier on. Whatever magic you are using, Beco Gemini, I like it!


    Beco Gemini Cool Muse


    Beco Gemini Cool Muse

    Brittany Stevens
    Love the cool mesh

    This carrier is co cute and the material is much cooler than my other carriers. Perfect for summer and spring days. My baby is so comfy in it. It is her favorite place to nap

    A day in the life of the Beco Gemini


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