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I have kiddo that loves to go hiking with me. I was afraid she might be too big for it but she’s only 39 pounds. Didn’t want to get those big bulky carriers that only goes up to 45 lbs. Found this Gem! Got it last week and it is so comfortable to carry! Even with 40 lbs! I only carry her when her little legs gets tired!

Comfortable and supportive, great for any size!

My husband and I can both wear this carrier comfortably. I have carried an almost 3 year old and a 5 year old! Love love love the cool mesh, it has been a game changer this summer when I usually turn to the stroller in the heat.

My favourite toddler carrier

Very light and the mesh is very useful indeed, both in hot and cold weather. Molds easily on the child's body. Perfect fit. Only thing is it's too soft sometimes. Easy to adjust before and during carrying. Easy to put the toddler down while sleeping

Comfortable and strong

I love my Beco toddler! So versitile and comfortable. Was used this past week in vacation to back-carry a 5yo, 3yo and front-carry a 2yo while hiking in the mountains! Was super easy to adjust both for kids and the my sister and I whom shared the carrier. Highly recommend!

Comfortable and Supportive

Sometimes our 4 year old can’t stand his legs or needs that extra comfort so when we are out and about we wear him and the beco toddler is by far the best toddler carrier we’ve used. The straps are nicely padded and the back panel in the carrier is high enough for our son’s long torso. Love the padding for the seat this way the kiddos leggies don’t hurt. It really has rescued the day many of times. And the mesh is perfect for this Texas heat!