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Recommend it to everyone

When our first kiddo was born, we tried a number of different carriers and settled on the Beco Gemini as the one we would actually purchase. It is easily adjustable to fit both me and my husband. Being able to cross the straps in the back was a major deciding factor since it feels more secure when getting baby in and out. It is also nice to have a carrier that works for a fairly small infant without needing an additional insert. We recommend it to all our friends and just bought one as a baby shower gift for my sister.

Perfect for summer

I originally purchased this to gift to my sister. We ended up trying it out because she's not due for another 7 1/2 months...we love it!! Might have to just buy her one as well because this one is being added to our rotation!!

Cooler than the original

I love my Beco Gemini, so was thrilled to see they came out with a summer version. I love how you can cross the straps in the back on Beco’s carriers. Also they are comfortable. My complaint is that the chest strap is not removable and it gets in the way, in my opinion, when you front carry. The strap adjustment pieces close to the shoulder straps make the overlap of the crossed straps somewhat uncomfortable. My original Beco did not have this. Even still, I really like it and I do think it’s cooler than the original. I still wish it came with a hood though and more fun colors.

Best carrier I've owned

I just got my Gemini and we absolutely love it! Not only is it incredibly comfortable for me and the baby, my older kids find it incredibly easy and comfortable to wear as well. I've tried other carrier brands and nothing compares to this. One of my favorite things about Beco is the ability to cross the straps-it has been a life saver. I absolutely love these carriers and highly recommend them to all the other moms in my life.

The best carrier I’ve tried

My baby is 2 months old, and I spent hours and hours before he was born researching carriers to see which would be the best one from newborn and up. I tried Lillebaby, Babybjorn, Infantino, plus a bunch of wraps and slings and hated how uncomfortable they felt on my small frame. I ended up buying a lightweight wrap, a ring sling, and on a whim I got a chocolate brown Beco Gemini at a consignment store. I had never heard about the brand, and the carrier looked like it may have been used for many babies and has seen many washes, but structurally was still in a great shape and was very inexpensive, so I had nothing to lose. When my baby finally arrived, I first used the wrap, then the sling, and each time I was getting frustrated by the amount of adjustments it took to position the baby properly, and by how hot they felt in summer. By 7 weeks I finally decided to try my Beco, and wished I had done it right away. It’s so much easier to put on and take off, and feels a lot cooler which makes both me and my baby a lot happier and ready to go anywhere and do anything together. I love how soft it is while being very supportive. I can finally be truly hands free (I always have to use one hand to support my baby with a wrap or a sling), and that it fits perfectly both me (4’11” and 120lbs, and my husband (6’ and 220lbs). I am now planning to buy a new one in a different color since I know that I’ll be using them both for a while - the brown one around the house and our little farm and the new one for outings.