Beco Gemini Ink
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Beco Gemini Ink
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Beco Gemini Ink

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A nod to classic print and letterpress. Everything about the art of press is significant, from detailed typesetting to profound blackness. Cheers to the printed word; providing permanence to your thoughts.
Much like early publications, Gemini Ink has been produced as a Limited Edition. Find vintage living in the modern world.

  • Baby age use: newborn to toddler
  • Capacity: 7 - 35 lbs
  • Adult fit: XS - XXL
  • Carry options: front facing-in, front facing-out, hip and back carry
  • Built-in headrest
  • No infant insert needed
  • Crossable shoulder straps
  • Waist belt pocket
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Great for hands-free nursing
  • Easiest to use