Quality and luxury are in the details. We prefer to work with natural fibers and take great care in sourcing superior yarns. Soft Belgian linen. Lustrous Indian silk. New Zealand superfine Merino. Resilient 100% US cotton.  Yarn thickness, degree of twist, and weaving density all comes into consideration when hand picking the finest yarns. We test them for strength, roll them between our fingers, rub them on our cheeks and, hold them up to the light.  Tough scrutiny also extends to all of our suppliers, and to their suppliers. The merino wool and the cotton that we use is actually spun and processed into fine yarn here in the United States- just hours away from our mill.


The mill that we own in is run by a family with decades of weaving under their belts. They are experts in the industry. By tapping into their broad knowledge of weaving structure, technique and execution, we can ensure that our products are of the highest quality attainable.

All finished fabric is passed through a rigorous quality control by our own skilled workers. Beco wraps, slings and carriers are designed and woven in the United States. Though the wraps and slings are cut and hand finished at our mill our carriers are not just yet. We want to err on the side of caution with your most precious cargo.

We are currently working hard to set up a cut and sew studio within our mill equipped with the machinery that we need to produce the same incredible high quality carriers that we have with our current overseas manufacturer.


It was not too long ago that woven textiles were handed down from generation to generation. They took time to make. They took precious resources. They were treasured labors of love. Our wovens are thoughtfully designed and created to live a long life.

Imagine, for a minute, the thought that your daughter could wear her daughter in the same woven cloth that she herself was worn in. Imagine the emotional connection. Not only would she receive the actual tangible beautiful cloth that calmed and cradled her body, she would receive the greatest treasure, the know-how- the centuries old art and tradition of babywearing to practice with her daughter.

A gently loved woven wrap will certainly last you more than one child. You could start your own tradition and pass on something both beautiful and meaningful to the next generation.



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