Back story[if you have time for it]: we started back in 2005. Things were a bit different back then. Amazon was a tiny thing (believe it or not), websites were looking funny, people did not have internet or wifi at home, and of course a thing called "a smart phone" did not even exist. All you could do with your phone back than was...well, to make a phone call! :)
Anyway, things sure did change. For the better and awesomer (I know it's not a real word, but I like it anyway). 
We[BECO] came up with some pretty cool and innovative products and we started to rock. Gabby Caperon, BECO founder, started the company with $5, a broken sewing machine and fabric scraps from IKEA. Yeah, those were the days...It reads like an olden pioneer story. 
As the company developed and the money came in, we started to strive for a whole new level of things. One of them being a professional photography of our products. And, for years we'd been a leading brand in that area. 
But than things changed again...and again for the better. Nowadays, with our super phones and super apps, we take breathtaking images on our own! Every one of us!
We, as a brand, do think that you, our super awesome customers, do actually take better pictures than we do! And more than that! Your pictures are real. They portray your real life and your daily experiences, which is something we can't ever emulate. 
If you are interested to keep things real, go ahead and submit your pictures of your family using our product. This is no complicated "affiliation" program of sort. It's pretty straight forward: if you like our product and you think others might enjoy it, submit your pix. Directly to our Creative Director, Gabby Caperon at gabby@becobaby.com
Ideally, we would like to replace all of our photography with yours! 
Me [Gabby Caperon] will go thru all of your pix and I will choose the best ones and publish them here on our website. 
Perk: if your pix are real good, I will send you our newest products, way before anyone sees them, for you to take pictures. And you can surely keep the product too, if you like it that is :) 
OK, let's get this on! Looking forward to hear from you!