The elaborate jacquard weave produces the finest fabric in the world. Before Joseph Jacquard presented us with his Jacquard loom, there actually were machines that could produce cloth. These machines, however, could not reproduce complex and detailed patterns.  Most patterned fabric was printed onto already-woven plain cloth. Only master weavers possessed the skills to read pattern diagrams and manipulate an intricate pattern as it was woven into the fabric itself- usually with the help of a draw boy who was perched on top of the loom and controlled the harnesses.

Jacquard invented a loom which ran on cards with holes punched in them. Each card had  holes that allowed particular threads to pass through into the pattern which changed the colors and created a design. Today, the punch card system (actually an early punch card computer, if you will) has been replaced by modern computerized looms. 

And though neither master weaver, to read patterns, nor drawboy, to control the harnesses, is necessary, weaving jacquards today is far from simple. The loom and jacquard head would not fit in your living room. The process of threading the loom is complicated and time consuming, and usually requires a special threading robot.  A simpler pattern can take days to set up.

But the complexity pays. Jacquard woven fabrics are rarer and more durable than their printed or plain weave friends. The intricate jacquard weave gives us just what we need for babywearing.  It creates a durable fabric with a slight diagonal give-ideal for carrying your little one.  A single layer is able to carry as much weight as you can hold.  It's perfect for tying and untying knots, and for conforming softly to the contours of your body.

Jacquard woven fabric also moves easily and gracefully through your fingers. It has a smoother texture, as the pattern or design sits within the fabric, and not on top of it. Plus, it's just plain gorgeous. The Jacquard weave is truly the strength and beauty of our Beco woven collection.



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