Each Beco woven has a story.  These stories come from life. They also come from the past.   An eclectic neighbor’s blue and white china collection. Vintage wallpaper from a farm house in Serbia. Traditional kimono repair stitching. The rust colored rocks of the American West. The tree out your window whose shadows dance on your face in the morning. Inspiration is everywhere we look. We take pictures. We sketch. We paint. We play with color. And we translate it into jacquard weaving. We are obsessed. Devoting days, weeks and months of our lives, we give ourselves up to creating a design with stunning aesthetics.  Yet, a smart design is only half the battle. Choosing exquisite fibers and weaving techniques is an integral part in designing the lush fabric that will conform to the curves of both you and your little one. When it all comes together it’s truly magical.



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