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Erika L
Great addition for any parent

I have loved my beco gemini for my first child, but I decided to get the Beco 8 for the hot summers here as well as the fact that it works in all seasons!! I love that it can convert for the hot weather but also for those rainy unexpected days, you can feel the breeze coming through when you are wearing the mesh exposed. The back cushion piece is something to get used to but once you have it down it makes baby wearing so comfortable. I have only worn my baby facing me and she has been so comfortable so easy for her to fall asleep. 😌 I am excited to experiment and wear her in all the ways that this carrier allows us to. I am short and maybe it is a little longer than the Beco Gemini but it is comfortable enough to have it sit over my butt and a little lower on my belly, def wouldn't work if you're short and have had a c section. I would recommend the Beco brand to any parent/babysitter. This carrier for all season wearing and the Beco Gemini for the simpler version. Great price, and it will last multiple siblings. 👍

Ashley McFarland
Good carrier with lots of perks

This carrier, in my opinion, is the best bang for its buck! You get all the fancy add ons without the extra price tag. However, I will say it works better for my husband (who is 6'2") then myself (who is 5'2"). I feel like it isn't build for petite people with short torsos. I still wear it/can wear it, it just isn't as comfortable for me. I will say though it was perfect for our hiking adventure in Michigan, and our LO loved being in it. For the price and the extras that come with this carrier, I would definitely buy again and recommend.

lisa w
Great for babies with clubfeet

Bought as a gift. The receiver loves it and said she thought it was better than another popular brand that she used for her other 2 children. She said she is buying a second one for her husband so they do not have to change settings!

Love it

It's so supportive and easy to use. I love all the different positions and the fact that my baby (4.5 mo) can easily fall asleep in it. We were struggling with carriers that weren't comfortable or supported his weight enough. With the Beco we feel like we can easily take our baby on long walks and short hikes and not feel like our backs will be destroyed afterward. It encourages good posture and using the right muscles when carrying a baby. I was about to get the ergo when a friend recommended thee beco and I couldn't be happier with this decision.

Sarah Brown

The instructions could be better.