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Toddler above the rest :)

❤️I have been Babywearing since 2006 and have tried every ssc for my toddlers and Beco Toddler by far is my favorite! I can’t say enough about the best sized panel, ease of use, strap length and padding and waist band comfort.

We have travelled 2 rain forests with our littles and even my 6 yo who weighs just 45lbs needed a rest on the Washington Mall and our Beco Toddler still worked for him.

Really don’t waist your time and money on other toddler carriers... this is the one:)❤️

World Travel Must Have!

We sold everything to see everything one year ago. Literally we sold everything we owned except for a few essential items to take on our full time travels around the world, with our then 10 month old and 2 year old, including our 2 beloved Beco carriers (original and cool designs) that we have used for both boys from the time they were newborn. The carrier for our 1 year old is without a doubt our most used and beloved travel item as I use it every single day on our travels. Whether it’s hiking Machu Picchu or walking around a souq in Morocco, the BECO carriers have proved time and time again that it is an absolutely exceptional product. We have had many travel days where we are on flights and cabs and trains for hours on end and the carrier is so comfortable for both my little one and me that we would not travel any other way (ie without the carrier). Thank you SO MUCH, Beco, for creating such a wonderful product! 💙

Toddler babywearing and beyond!

I am so thankful for the Beco Community for helping me reliaze that babywearing can continue for my not so little toddler. This Toddler sized carrier is amazingly comfortable for my tall yet chunky 2.5 year old. Plus my hubby loves the gender neutral black color!

Moved up to the big girl carrier

This carrier is a must!! I used the beco Gemini for my toddler from newborn until now... our little girl was so used to the carrier, having the toddler version is so convenient. We find easier to run quick errands while maneuvering in and out of crowds of people, the grocery store, events, etc. We do a lot of trail hikes and zoo trips even having a stroller our daughter sometimes prefers to be carried. Carrying a toddler is NO JOKE! This carrier makes everything so much easier and keeps everyone happy. BECO carriers are so versatile with the different carry positions, built-in pockets and the little “head stay” hoods. Love! Love! Love!

Hands free mama

This has made life easier. First, it’s comfortable for my son. Nice padding all around. Second, I can get more done when I’m nursing (time saver).
The only thing I’m not truly crazy about is the hood’s elastic loop that you slide into the hook to secure. The elastic can snap if not careful and possibly hurt child’s face. Had a close call the first time. Other than that, I love the color/pattern, it’s super comfortable for both of us and has allowed me to get things done faster (more nursing when teething, etc...) compared to not having it. I love Beco! Great carriers all around!