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Cool Lemons is amazing

I am obsessed with this carrier. We had a Beco Soleil and it didn’t forward face and we also were finding it warm in the nice weather. This carrier was a game changer. So easy to use and adjust and doesn’t overheat my little one or me. It’s super easy to adjust and very friendly for a first time carrier user. The print is gorgeous and summery but not too feminine. Both my husband and I happily wear it. My little loves back carrying for long walks and forward facing for quick trips to the grocery store. If you’re debating it, you won’t regret this carrier!

The beat carrier for warm weather

I Live in a country thats very hot and humid so when I saw that Beco had a lightweight breathable carrier (Beco Gemini Cool) I had to have it. I bought the lemon print and I simply looovee it, its so cute! People ask me all the time where I got my carrier. Baby loves it too! :)

Versatile Carrier

Really appreciating this carrier. I was so torn about getting this wondering if was worth it to limit my choices in prints for the trade off of the cool mesh. I really feel like it was and it is still super cute. We live in Canada where one day you are out picking blueberries in 30 deg weather and the next day your in sweats wandering around in the rain. The lemon fabric is comparable to a swimming trunk material and does well in rain AND heat. The mesh is very light weight but still sturdy enough to pack your chubby babe. Something to consider is you can always layer up when it’s cold out when baby wearing, but you can’t make the actual carrier cooler when it’s hot out.. enter Cool Lemons.

Cool cool

I bought this carrier because my daughter and I both run a little hot and we were going on vacation to Florida. Plus, who can resist the lemons?! The Cool lived up to its name as I carried her around Disney World. It felt as if I was just carrying her in my arms without the bulk of my other carriers. I fell in love with the carrier these last two weeks.