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Not made for young babies!!!

My daughter is 12lbs 6 weeks old, and long for her age. I got this for inward facing carrying but she’s drowning in it. Absolutely hates it because even with the head support piece folded down it’s still over her head and she can’t see out. Doesn’t seem secure enough four young babies on the sides either, bo support for her arms. I watched all the tutorials and made all the adjustments too. They advertise that a 7lb baby can fit in this but there’s no way. The only positive about it is that it’s easy for me to put on. Disappointed because we got this as a gift from our registry and I made the mistake of taking the tags off so I doubt we’ll be able to return it. Hoping it’ll work when she’s older/bigger.

Carol Groves
Baby carrier

I gave this as a gift. My niece really liked it because it was small enough for her and the baby. Since the gift was mailed directly to her, I wish there was the option to have it gift wrapped. I sent an email asking about this but never received a reply so my niece received it unwrapped.

Katherine Smith
Love! It actually works

I love the Beco carriers as they are easy to put on and take off. My original one is quilted and I loved it for the seasons I had it for my 1st son, now with my second the weather is warm this time and he was way too hot, this 3D mesh is legit and I have had no problems with keeping my sons body temp regulated. I love this new version, so smart and healthy for my little baby. Love it

Barbara K
Feels very light on and off

This carrier immediately felt so light. It's very easy to put on. I like that the straps can be rolled so the extra part of strap that's not being used is not randomly hanging everywhere. Todd is also a great carrier for a smaller body frame, I'm 5'1" and it fits a lot more comfortably than the other carrier we had that i used to adjust to the tightest settings. The Beco Gemini has the possibility of tighter settings than the ones I use, for women who may be smaller than me, so it's great to use for smaller sizes too, which I found was not the case with other carriers (I've tried 3 other ones). The only negative is the mesh will mark my baby red on the legs if she does not use tights while baby wearing. Her skin is very sensitive and gets markings with light pressure, but it's something to note.

Renata Alasztics
Love it

We love this product! Tried many different style and brand but this is our favourite so far.

The only thing I would like to say is that no baby should be carried on the front facing out! This position is very unhealthy for all babies but especially for boys! They should state this in the discription.