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Love this carrier already!!! My daughter is due this spring and I am very pleased with how lightweight and breathable it feels.. a plus for a summer adventures! Beautifully made, very ergonomic and adjustable. I love the different ways you can wear it and how it can fit both me and my fiancé comfortably. Very well made, versatile and most importantly made by a great company! Highly recommend this product!

I love this front pack.

I have carried my granddaughter in my daughter’s version of this front pack for ten months now. It worked well with a 1 month old and it works well with a 10 month old. I love how the front pack allows my granddaughter to participate in whatever I am doing in the garden or the kitchen. It also enables us to interact much more than a backpack. I had thought I would be using a backpack by now but I much prefer the front pack so I finally bought my own. Also, I particularly love this the Beco Baby because it is comfortable and easy to get in and out of.

Baby's not here yet...

Tried it on even though my baby won't be here till January, but I love it! So comfy compared to another carrier I got. Also, I absolutely LOVE the print.

Awsome carrier

This carrier comfortable for baby and myself. I love the little pocket on the front to hold my phone or some money.

Easy for Newborns

This carrier is easier for me to use with my newborn than the ERGO 360. I love that it sits higher (at my natural waist) so that baby's head is higher on my chest. And as my baby has grown, I just lower the position towards my hips. I also love the crossed shoulder straps cause they are much more comfortable for me and my husband than the ERGO was.