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The Dos and Don’ts of Quarantined Babywearing

Now that our family is spending basically all of our living lives within the confines of our home, babywearing has become more important in our day-to-day life than ever before. As you may know, both my husband and I are high school teachers, and we have spent the last couple of weeks adjusting to not only the new reality of moving our classrooms online and tending to the needs of our student-kids, but also the difficulties of working from home, while caring for our real-life kids. We are taking solace in the fact that we are SO not alone in this, and have been both the givers and receivers of much grace during our COVID-19 isolation. Here are some lessons learned during near-constant babywearing:

The DON’Ts of Quarantined Babywearing

Let’s first tackle the don’ts of quarantined babywearing. Though there are only two, they are both important things to remember:


Worry about doing too many chores

I get the urge to be “productive” during this time, especially in terms of getting projects done around the house. I had grand ideas of dusting all of my baseboards and touching up all of the knicks and dings in the paint on them. It has not happened yet. I am choosing to forgive myself for not doing my self-imposed tasks. On a daily basis, I can wipe down the counters of PB&J remnants and sweep up all of the dried grass my son tracks in from the yard while I’m babywearing. Bonus points if you can vacuum while your baby snoozes in her carrier. 


Cook splattery food

I know I’m not alone when I confess that I have been craving allllll the comfort food lately. Probs not a good idea to venture into the realm of homemade funnel cakes with a baby who has a front row seat. Still make some homemade funnel cakes though, just sans baby. And maybe after the toddler goes to bed, so you don’t have to share. To clarify-I didn’t actually learn this lesson the hard way, it’s just something I’ve thought about, mostly because I’ve been thinking a lot about homemade funnel cakes.

The DOs of Quarantined Babywearing


Get work done while your baby is in her carrier

My lovely daughter Eva is reticent (at best) to sleep in her crib during the day for naps. No idea why this is, because she does just fine at night. Babies are weird creatures. But, I digress. It is nearly physically impossible to type on a computer and hold a wiggly baby at the same time. Well, only if you value accurate typing, that is. Which I DO.  So obviously, I’ve been popping her in the carrier during nap time, so that I don’t even have to think about fighting that battle right now. Our little lady has made many an appearance on staff calls and in instructional videos during the past couple of weeks. At least the top of her head has. I actually like the idea of my baby working with me, for some reason I feel like it humanizes the whole experience...especially because I’m pretty sure my students think that I spend the night under my desk at school.


Indulge in self-care

With *less* of my monthly budget going towards online clothes shopping (because is there anything more bleak than being all dressed up with nowhere to go?), I’ve decided that now is the time to continue investing in really good skin care. Get your kid in a carrier, slap on a face mask, pour yourself a glass of wine or cup of tea, sit on your couch, and have your hands free to hold up your favorite book.


Get outside!

I have a firm belief that breathing some fresh air and going outdoors is like hitting a big ol’ mental reset button. It’s incredibly necessary, even for littles. Stay in your community, stay with your family and away from others, and take a walk with your babes. Simple as that.

Making “stay at home” manageable with quarantined babywearing

I can’t stress it enough, quarantined babywearing will make your life a little bit easier as we hunker down in our homes for the next few….who knows how long?? As a parent during this crazy time, we have to take any help we can get, including extra support through online communities. If you have not heard about BECOmmunity, the official BECO hangout spot on Facebook, look up the group today! It is filled with other parents who are fighting the same seas as you and who are also really into quarantined babywearing. Seriously, go join! 


Hi! I’m Jenna. I’m a full-time mom of a toddler boy and a baby girl, a full-time high school English teacher, and a full-time explorer of Planet Earth. I have lived in Colorado my entire life and loved every minute of it. My husband and I are trying to raise playful, kind, resilient, confident, and curious humans in this ever-changing world.

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