These days, baby wearing is a rising trend, but it's as ancient as humanity. The actual phrase, baby wearing, was invented by Dr. William Sears, a pediatrician and attachment parenting proponent. In human evolution, infant carriers actually developed very early on! Primarily from practical reasons, but there are many benefits that cannot be ignored! Meeting the needs for warmth, safety and human touch being just few of them! 

There are many ways to use a baby carrier and they are not all created equal, so let’s take a moment to dive into hip carry baby wearing, a position made possible in the Beco Gemini and Beco 8.  

Hip Carry Baby Wearing

The Hip carry is great for babies with good head and neck control. Because it is a carrying position parents automatically assume when holding bigger babies in their arms, it is easy to achieve proper hip positioning - as their legs naturally cling around their caregiver’s body and their bums are well supported they can easily assume a spread - squad position (also known as the frog position, the M-position or the pelvic tuck). 

Your carrier should also be convenient for you and feel stable and comfortable! The Beco Gemini and 8 both allow baby’s weight to be spread equally over your entire torso. One important note to remember when practicing the hip carry - make sure to fasten your waist band above your hips, not directly on them. Wearing the waistband above your hips, closer or on your natural waist line will ensure weight is distributed evenly so you enjoy optimal comfort.

Benefits of Hip Carry Baby Wearing

If you babe loves to engage with the world around them, then they are sure to love being carried in this position - curious babies can get an almost 360 view from the safety of your arms!

It also enables you to have a good view of your babies face at all times without having your own view obstructed!

The hip carry position is also optimal for your baby to follow and engage in your social interactions hence aiding in speech developement and cognitive and social skills! 


More Benefits of Baby Wearing

Touch stimulates intellectual and motor growth,' says Barbara Nicholson, co-founder of Attachment Parenting International and researchers also find that babies who are held more have a better change of developing strong immune systems! Babywearing also helps to monitor the temperature, heart rate and sleep / wake rhythms of a baby, especially when wearing your baby skin-to-skin. Because they are kept in close proximity to their mother, these babies tend to nurse more, gain weight faster, are calmer and more easily soothed!

These are just some of the countless benefits of holding your baby close!

Learn how to Hip Carry with the Beco Gemini or Beco 8! Watch the video below!

December 16, 2020 — Beco Team

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