Hey guys, it’s Jess from Beco! Today we are going to go over some tips to set yourself up for babywearing success. When I was prego with my first born Dahlia, I was incredibly overwhelmed. There was so much that I knew I should be doing, but chose to binge on Grays Anatomy and eat Chex cereal by the boxful instead (gross, I know). Today we are going to go over some tips in case you completed the entire season of your recent binge obsession but still have a quart of ice cream to eat. So let’s take a few minutes to set yourself up for babywearing success.

Before Baby is Here:

Let’s go over a few tips on what you can do before the baby arrives, If and only if you feel up for it. No pressure mamas!

Babywearing Success Tip 1: Play around with different carrier types

I was super blessed to get like 4 different carrier types before Dahlia was born. It was just divine timing with all my friends' hand me downs! Anyway, as I looked at each one, my first thought was where the hell are the instructions, and my second thought was how will I know which one she is going to like? Well, TBH you don’t know what your baby will prefer, BUT you can get a good idea at what you will prefer. Take a doll or stuffed animal and practice wearing them in any carrier you can get your hands on. If you do not have friends that you could reach out to, look for a baby wearing class in your local community. They are out there. The point is, try to get a good feel for what works for you. When baby arrives, they will have an opinion too of course, but the goal is to find something that works well for BOTH of you.

Babywearing Success Tip 2: Get to know your carrier

When you do decide on one or two that you’d like to invest in I highly recommend to take it out of the box before you take your baby out of yours. Get familiar with the features and play around with ways to store and pack your carrier. Trust me, you will want to take this thing everywhere.

Once Baby Has Arrived

First off, congratulations! Your babe has officially graduated from your human baby carrier and is ready for your cloth carrier of choice! Remember how I said babe will have an opinion about what carrier they prefer? Now you will quickly see I was not joking! I tried 5 carriers before I found my BECO carrier that my baby girl LOVES and I love too! So please keep that in mind when working through these next tips with your babe. You could execute them all perfectly, but if you babe doesn’t like it, then they will let you know. Just like the next 18 years of your life, don’t take that shit personally.

Babywearing Success Tip 3: Best to start off happy

Make sure your baby is well fed, well rested, and wearing a fresh diaper. If they are in a bad mood, don’t think your first go at getting them strapped on is going to make it better. Eventually though when you are both more comfortable with babywearing, this will be one of the best ways to make them happy instantly.

Babywearing Success Tip 4: Stay chill mama, you got this

Easier said than done, but crucial nonetheless. Your babe is an extension of you, now more than any other time in your relationship. They can sense your nervousness or have anxiety and will respond to match those emotions. So when you can’t reach the damn strap or get their tiny little leg stuck on some fabric, breathe. Take a deep breath and start over.

Babywearing Success Tip 5: Once the baby is safely strapped…

Once your baby is safely positioned and strapped to your beautiful mom bod, it is important to keep these next few things in mind. 

  1. Keep moving - movement and vibration keeps your baby calm. 
  2. Whisper sweet nothings or sing songs to reassure your baby you are there and everything is okay. 
  3. Change the scenery and get outside! The fresh air will do you both some serious good!
  4. This is an important one. As your baby grows and develops their baby wearing preferences will change, it’s just natural. This is why I loved the BECO. It allows you to wear your babe in 4 different positions! Dahlia has preferred one over the others throughout her entire first year of development. She’s now 14 months and she loves the hip carry.

Babywearing Success Tip 6: Practice!

Practice is key. You might pick it up right away, but just like breastfeeding those things that seem like they should come natural, don’t. Practice makes for a happy parent and a very happy baby. Before you know it you will be posting tutorial videos on social and getting insta famous for your mad babywearing skills. And you know who your number one fan will be, fame or not? Your little one. They will reap all the joys of babywearing that will aid in your bond for years and years to come.

Babywearing Success Wrap Up 

So a month in and you’ve followed all the tips and videos the internet has to offer and you still are lacking when it comes to babywearing success. That’s okay, don’t give up - you are not alone! Support is out there! At BECO we offer support from our baby wearing educator and also have an amazing FB group called BECOmunnity where there’s real parents supporting one another to have babywearing success. 

I hope you have found this helpful and we here at BECO wish you nothing but babywearing success and fun! Thanks for watching!


May 14, 2020 — Beco Team

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