Hey everyone! Today we are going to quickly cover 4 selfcare practices you can do while babywearing in and around your home! Selfcare in recent years has become a hot topic, especially for moms. It is crucial that your own cup is full so you can fully show up for your little ones. 

Selfcare is always great, but it is especially during periods of stress. And I would say as a new mom, becoming one is like an extended period of stress. So let’s dive into my 4 top picks for practicing selfcare while babywearing.

Selfcare Practice #1: Babywearing Dance

Babywearing dance is a great way to create a strong emotional, physical and intellectual bond with your babe while also boosting your serotonin levels and sparking joy. There are some important things to remember when partaking in some baby booty shaking. Joimove.com posted a great article about babywearing dance and movement. 

  • Make sure you AND baby are comfortable, calm, and safe! Double check your buckles, make sure babe is in correct positioning, and wear some comfy, loose clothes.
  • Provide head and next support for babe.
  • Evenly distribute weight to prevent uncomfortable pressure on your shoulders, spine and joints. So that's really making sure that your back straps are crossed correctly, your carrier is up high on your waist, and the babe is situated in that perfect M position.
  • Make sure babe is visablel- so stick to front or hip carrier positions. You don’t want to do back carrying when dancing.

Selfcare Practice # 2: Baby Yoga

If you are a mom and live in America, you have probably heard the term “baby yoga” thrown around once or twice. Yoga, for parents and babies, is a great way to ground and create a sense of calm. Baby yoga is a modified yoga practice that incorporates baby into pacific yoga poses. Now there is no downward god happening while you are wearing your babe, but there are definitely some great poses to help you ground and build strength. Here are some great babywearing friendly poses you can practice at home! 

  • Mountain Pose
  • Warrior 2 and 3
  • Tree Pose
  • Goddess Pose

Selfcare Practice # 3: Getting Out of the House to Take a Mini Adventure!

Is it just me or does the world suddenly become smaller when you have a baby? It certainly feels that way at times! It is so easy to let your world shrink down to the confines of your home. And at the current moment where we are being asked to shrink down to the confines of our home due to Covid-19, it can make getting through the day really hard. What I have been doing to take care of myself both physically and mentally is to go on multiple short walks everyday with my daughter. We stick to the parameters of our neighborhood while walking once or twice a day. Just strap on that babe and hit the pavement! It is so easy and SO crucial.

Selfcare Practice # 4: Hydrate

It’s that simple, right? This may seem like an obvious, but honestly, but a lot of us don’t do it, whether we have a kid or not. I have always been an avid water drinker, with my water bottle always in hand or by my side wherever I went. Well, as soon as my babe came into the world, that definitely went away. She replaced my sticker covered water bottle the moment she arrived. When I am wearing her it is like a sweet reunion and I gulp it up!

Not into water? Try adding a lemon or strawberries to it and it zests it up a little bit and makes it feel like you are at a spa. Not convinced? Not only is it beneficial to your babe if you are breastfeeding, but drinking water can also help with your skin, fight fatigue, protect your muscles, help with achy joints, and more! So definitely find some time when your babe is on you to drink some water and squeeze it in whenever you can!

There you have it!

So there you have it. 4 ways to babywear and practice selfcare. Now do yourself a huge favor and go do one! While you are at it, take a picture and tag us on instagram using @becobaby! We will share your amaziness on our story feed to inspire and prove to other mamas that you can treat yourself with baby in toe! 

March 30, 2020 — Beco Team
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